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There are certain occasions when the same ingredients produce a different recipe. A priori nothing of what we use for the fucking cocktail is novel but as we let ourselves be guided by intuition we use that sixth sense that makes something superb that should not be. RED EYE are formed in Antequera and decide to add stone juice to their debut album "Tales From The Days Of Yore" that has gone so well, so well because they have worked to the smallest detail.

The very successful and inspired cover of PROCESO NEGRO evokes landscapes like SUMMONING, BONG, NAAM and SLEEP near bands because everybody believes that SLEEP and OM are the only thing that exists in the Stoner Psych. Although you believe otherwise, there are other teachers in charge of converting the sound into a nightmarish rite ... try the wide discography of BONG, the gods SATURNALIA TEMPLE or even Hispanic things like EIGHT HANDS FOR KALI (and then ÄTMAN ACRON).

Listened to with the perspective of time, some of the cuts that include the album and that I have had occasion to listen to in their original live form have been like settings of precious stones in a goldsmith's piece. It's hard to believe that it's the band's first record, honestly.

Ángel Arcas (Cyclopean Stones Smear), Antonio Campos (Soma Strings Citadel and Ancestral Homilies), Juanan Román (Ropas de Dioses Clothesline) and Pablo Terol (Soma 2 String Zither and Diverse Tracheoglosia) are RED EYE, quartet that could well come from a story by LORD DUNSANY, from a dream by RANDOLPH CARTER or the ejaculation of a Mythological God.

It is not normal to give birth to a debut as coherent as solid and at the same time away from the standards of the Stoner (see desert / beach) to get closer to sounds of the team TEE PEE RECORDS, TRANSUBSTANS, PSYCHEDOOMELIC (rip) or METEORCITY while the sound of CANDLEMASS is mixed with ELECTRIC WIZARD in "Azazoth" but we do not advance events. ALONE RECORDS puts the object on the table, not losing the healthy habit of being attentive to the national and local scene when necessary ... the sap can not dry or the curls lose the brilliance of old times.

It is not my intention to make a thesis about how the Neo Psicodelia of some groups like KADAVAR comes into contact with the underworld of green smoke of the ELECTRIC WIZARD and SLEEP but sometimes the anger overwhelms me and I feel like throwing myself with a knife to the street for chanting some poems. Poems of how CANDLEMASS (I do not even mention BLACK SABBATH) have influenced so much that neither the bands know it.

Poems of COUNT RAVEN, of the Heavy Doom of the whole life ... of CONFESSOR, TROUBLE or the epic of SOLSTICE and REVELATION. Those bands that made the virile member of LEE DORRIAN acquire monolithic heights when he set up his redoubt of RISE ABOVE RECORDS are not the usual quotes that would come out in a RED EYE review but I do not give a shit about the specialized critics.

I exercise my right to tantrum and defecate a loon like a funerary monolith to tell those who review this album after me that NAAM and its great song "Kingdom" make their way in this album and any hint of stagnation that you think could arise. It does not exist because this band of Malaga dress up in the ANCESTORS 'clothes and make the REVEREND BIZARRE progressive with a subtlety that makes my guts shrink so much that I have constipation in the esophagus.

The slow and dragged guitar riff that opens "Encounter" exerts the erosive action on the rock. Impossible not to nod when the mantric voices enter the style of "Jerusalem" and "Dopethrone". A highly charged tuning of vibration couples negative energy to the rhythmic base, which slides with the bad host of a scorpion sting. Fantastic instrumental interlude with Psych soflamas and a game of double heady guitars, unrolling as if Medusa were getting the snakes straight in the damn hairdressing salon.

Follow "BHC", perfect sample of another detail that I could see when I saw them live. The double vocal game is amazing and they give RED EYE that pristine hymnic look of some of the best homilies of ELECTRIC WIZARD. Another interlude, more abstract and lysergic if possible and fused with fire with the bestial "Azathoth" in which is recited that little gem of poem of the same name of the everlasting Lovecraft. Fascinating theme with details to the CANDLEMASS or its subsequent revitalization KRUX or if you are too modern, then REVEREND BIZARRE.

The voice, which reaches far and turbid, puts the hair on end ... fantastic the fusion of influences and closing of the Face A with epic recitation that you laugh at the opening of the BSO of Conan The Barbarian.

Cara B and the pachydermic "Hall Of The Slain" that as much as the previous exude details of the Space Rock of the MARS RED SKY. From the ass to space and space to your ass. "Yagé" has something of Progressive and ethereal ... repetitive bass riff on which develops a small seventies improvisation that ends up molding under columns of Traditional Doom. Without solution of continuity and closing a trilogy of melted themes almost in one only and that show the most spatial facet of the band arrives "Waves" ... thus, without warning and catching you in its quasi-metronome rhythm. Hypnotic, theme song traversed  by some lavish guitars and a thunderous rhythmic base.

You do not believe me?. Anyway, in general, nobody takes me seriously and that far from being a problem for me is a freedom to shout from the rooftops to the music portals and webzines that are nourished by advertising, the magazines they left  their instincts back or to the grid fan of the Stoner Doom that when they go I already went and urinated marking the territory in the fucking limestone landscape of ANTICARIA ... I ejaculated three times in La Loma del Viento in old vases of the Necropolis of Alcaide and I practiced the arts mixed martial arts against the troops of Abd al-Aziz ibn Musa in the Battle for Medina Antakira.

So and not otherwise are the stories of the days of YORE.

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