sábado, 5 de noviembre de 2022


A place where Finish Death/Doom meets with England Gothic Rock born after `no wave´ scene are the point of departure of the jaw dropping debut Ep of The Bleak Picture “Songs of Longing”, such a perfect mix of early Katatonia constructed by the lightning feeling of superb melodies of the keyboards and guitars as sharp that could cut permafrost. Jussi Hänninen of missed cult act Fall of the Leafe join parts with Tero Ruohonen (Autumnfall) in this absolutely must have for fans of the genre that looks for something different without loosing the essence.

But do not fool yourself. Even this is old school rooted it´s not a simply recovering of the past but a new beginning. Looking for future without forgetting the past, The Bleak Picture are the tears that becomes the oceans that rains in your decrepit faces. A coin with two equal sides that point your destiny underground.

Mid paced tempos with groovy keyboards in the same vein of Joy Division, Bauhaus or Fields of the Nephilim. Grunts as stones (think of Officium Triste) and clear vocals surrounded by the feeling of misery, all in a thick wall of sound mastered by mighty Dan Swanö at Unisound AB and exquisite and old school artwork. 

Truly recommended.


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